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CPAA's 30th Anniversary Celebration
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Saturday, April 16th, 2022, 7 PM

San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
255 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113 (map)

$20, $50, $80 (VIP)
10% off for 5+ tickets, 20% off for 10+ tickets,
30% off for 20+ tickets, Senior 40% off.

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An Ode to the Golden Tang
CPAA Will Take You Time-Traveling to the Tang Dynasty

  When the pandemic winds down and the weather warms up, the California-based Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA) will proudly present a professionally produced show at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts on Apr 16th, 2022, at 7pm to celebrate the organization’s 30th anniversary. It will be a dazzling spring night of music and dances that will mesmerizingly bring you to the golden days of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).
  Tang was a golden era in Chinese history thanks to a booming economy, thriving arts, and multicultural society. Later generations have always admired the glory of Tang, so CPAA is striving to take you through the time tunnel, to get you there.
  Tang’s poetry and fine art have always been very much treasured in Chinese culture and can be compared to two extremely exquisite pearls that can never be replicated. So, CPAA has made great efforts to incorporate the beauty of Tang poetry and painting into choreography to enable those who cannot read Chinese to enjoy the word pictures presented in certain Tang poems and paintings in the first unit of the show, titled “Poetic and Artistic Legend.”
  The second unit, “Superb Songs from Chinese Theater,” depicts the love story of Emperor Tang Minghuang (AD 685-762) and Consort Yang (AD 685-762). Chinese theater arts or Chinese opera can be regarded as a unique art form combining literature, music, dance, fine art, martial arts, and acrobatics. Emperor Tang Minghuang and Consort Yang promoted this art form and helped it develop into a complete theatrical system. Their pursuit of artistic beauty turned themselves into immortal names.
  Following the dance drama is the third unit, “Cultural Melting Pot,” which comprises Japanese, Indian, and Western-Asian dancing performances, because Tang’s China was a multicultural legend. Its capital Changan (today’s Xi'an) with a population of 1,000,000 was the largest city in the world. Chang'an residents included people from all over the world, such as Arabians, Indians, Jews, Christians, Bangladeshis, Cambodians, Persians, and Malaysians. Tang culture therefore influenced other countries, certainly including neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea.
  To end on a high note, the last unit of the show, “the Splendor of Tang Silk”, will represent the grand scenery of Dunhuang, a historic town by the Silk Road famous for having countless cave paintings. Feather dancers who perform rituals and orchestras that play magnificent music will recapitulate the artistic accomplishments of Tang’s Dunhuang.
  Tang’s story tells later generations that a culture will thrive if it keeps growing and embraces others with an inclusive mindset. This is exactly why we are so excited about inviting you to join us on a journey back to the grandeur of Tang. We ardently look forward to seeing you on April 16!


    在疫情慢慢減緩,春暖花開時,位於北加州硅谷的飛揚藝術團(CPAA)將於 2022 年 4 月 16 日晚上 7 點在聖何塞表演藝術中心呈現給大家一場專業製作,慶祝 它成立 30 週年的大型演出。這將是一個令人向往的音樂和舞蹈的春夜,飛揚藝術團將帶您穿越時空隧道,進入唐朝。
    在几千年人类文明的历史长河中,中国的唐朝(公元 618-907 年)一直是一个闪耀着璀璨光芒的特殊时期。经济的繁荣,艺术的兴盛,和多元文化的共融,让这个被誉之为黄金时代的皇朝,被后世铭记而千古流芳。请跟随我们,从二十一世纪的今天,穿越时光的隧道,回到那个鲜衣怒马,文化昌明的时代 ……
    晚會的第二篇章是 “梨園佳音”。中国的戏曲艺术,是文学、音乐、舞蹈、美术、武术、杂技以及表演艺术综合而成的一种独特的艺术形式,这种表演形式,在盛唐时期的唐玄宗和爱妃杨玉环的推动之下,逐渐从民间走入宫廷,发展出一套完整的表现体系。 君王和贵妃的爱情故事,萦绕在梨园丝竹的袅袅回音里。 时光逝去几千年,他们留给后人的,是一种艺术情怀,是对美的,永不消退的崇尚和追求。
    接下來會進入 “文化共融”。唐中国是传奇,不仅在中国本土,而且在整个亚洲。 这确实是中国的黄金时代,当时中国的文化影响远远超出了国界。 一个繁荣的, 国际化的时代,对其他文化和思想的包容和接受程度达到了前所未有的水平。 唐都长安(今西安),拥有百萬人口,是世界上最大的城市,其中居住着来自世界各地的人群,阿拉伯人,印度人,犹太人,基督徒,孟加拉人,高棉人,波斯人和马来人并肩生活,交换商品和思想。唐文化对日本和韩国等周边国家也产生了深远的影响,并推动着整个中亚地区的经济增长。
    最後一個篇章是“華彩唐绢”,將再現絲綢之路沿線古鎮敦煌的壯麗景色,美轮美奂的敦煌舞是表现文化共融的典型舞蹈形式,它不但延承了唐朝风韵、佛教文化等特点,还包含了维吾尔族舞蹈, 俄罗斯风情,印度舞姿造型等等的不同风格。在这里,唐绢里的故事被推入高潮,敦煌所承载的千古精神,给我们展现了一个繁荣多元的华彩盛世!来自不同地域的乐器,在这里彼此对话,交相辉映,演奏出一个美丽祥和,充满生机的世界!
    我們邀請您加入我們,一起踏上重回大唐盛世的旅程。 我們熱切期待在 2022年4 月 16 日與您劇院相見!

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