Chinese New Year Gala 2015 硅谷春晚  (flyer)

Date:      Sunday, March 1, 2015, 7:00 PM
Venue:   San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
                255 Almaden Blvd., San Jose, CA 95113 (map)
Tickets:  $25, $38, $50, VIP $100 (tax deductible)
                40% off for children 4-10 or seniors 60+ (kid 3- not recommended)
                10% off for 10+ tickets and 20% off for 40+ tickets                 
Phone:   (510) 846-5185 (order online)

The 7th Spring Festival Silicon Valley Series

Welcome to the 7th Spring Festival Silicon Valley (SFSV) on March 1, 2015. 2015 marks the Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA)'s 24th Anniversary. Thetheme of the 7th SFSV is Global Spring Celebration. We will present the beautiful dance and music of Chinese, Indian, Korean, Flamenco, Mexican, and others.In addition, CPAA will world premiere our new work “Away From Home” to celebrate this special occasion. We hope the Lunar New Year celebration will bring youall the luck and prosperity to your business.Starting from Lunar New Year's Eve, spring festival activities such as parades, parties, and visiting friends last for several weeks. The tradition can be traced back8,000 years, to when the Chinese tribesmen settled down to grow crops. Spring was determined as the right season to plan for a bumper harvest. This traditionwas later introduced to other Asians like Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese, many centuries ago. Now in the 21st Century, one-quarter of humanity is celebratingthe spring to hope for a better future. As one of the most ancient legacy in human history, the Spring Festival has indeed a universal and timeless value.CPAA, known for its creativity in the production of high artistic spectacles, presents the 7th SFSV, a variety show of diverse dance, music, kung fu, magic,acrobatics, and the spectacular fluorescent 60' Dragon to entertain audiences of all ages and different cultural backgrounds. Our goal is to establish the SpringFestival similar to Christmas, joy to the world. We are grateful to many sponsors including City of San Jose, Nanotechnology Inc., and many media sponsors,private corporations, individuals, and over 20 community organizations to build this cultural high point in the Bay Area. Througgh artistic expression, the SpringFestival Silicon Valley truly celebrates the Lunar New Year as well as America's diversity and inclusiveness that make America great and strong.


飛揚藝術團自 2009年以來每年舉办《硅谷春晚》与全球华人和其他民族共享这一个最重要的中华节日。2015年的主题是全球庆新春。为庆祝盛会,飛揚特邀请湾区其他民族艺术团体 200多演员共同推出一台辉煌巨制。内容有多元民族歌舞、戲劇、武術、雜技,魔术等,老少咸宜。这台《第七届硅谷春晚》定于 2015年 3月1日在世界高科技中心的硅谷 的 Center for the Performing Arts 举行. 硅谷也是多元文化之國際大都會,欢迎各界如聖荷西市政府,國際媒體,商業公司, 个人等等,共同举办《硅谷春晚-全球庆新春》, 欢度春节。慶祝春節這一傳統可上溯一万年,自華夏部落定居開始建立農業社會時期,认定一年之計在於春。而今,全世界百分之二十五的人口都在歡慶春節。春節已成為中華民族充滿著希望的節日,蘊含了萬事更新,以及一切美好的祝愿與禮慶,慶祝春節確實是具有普世同慶之恆久價值。希望 2015年为大家带来新好運和新財富。